The FIA Formula E Championship kicked off in Beijing last weekend. For the first ever event of a brand new racing series based on a brand new concept, it went pretty well. The race was exciting, the cars looked great, and there was an electrifying climax on the final corner of the last lap between the leaders.

The series is due to visit Monaco next year towards the end of the first season on a truncated version of the famous street circuit, but the FIA have already announced that the series won’t return to the principality in 2016, stating that an alternative location in France may be chosen, possibly in Paris.

So where would you build the circuit? Laps of the Place de la Concorde? A slalom between the legs of the Eiffel Tower? Weaving in and out of the skyscrapers in La Défense? Nah… EuroDisney. Definitely EuroDisney.

FIA Formula E DisneyLand ePrix circuit concept

Imagine a startline on Main Street USA, around the central circus and under the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle, looping round FantasyLand before weaving in and out of Orbitron, Space Mountain, and the original electric cars of the 1950’s: Autopia. Top that off with a pitlane and paddock beneath the Railroad Station and you’ve got a race track even Lightning McQueen would be envious of.