It’s been a little quiet around these parts for the past few months, but there’s been very good reason. Towards the end of 2014 I struck a deal with Paris-based, internationally-broadcast motorsport television station MotorsTV to air my virtual sim racing club‘s events on their channel. The deal was for 8 48-minute long shows to be broadcast every Tuesday for 8 weeks in the rather wonderful prime-time slot of 6:25pm.

Over the past 12 months, myself and several other members of the Really Rubbish Racing community have been recording the club’s official races using video capturing software, editing the clips together, adding on-screen graphics and commentary voice-overs, and uploading the videos for the world to see on our YouTube channel. The videos have been very popular with members of the club, and have been a joy to make, but gained hardly any viewership from outside the ranks. To see if the club’s exposure could be increased, I decided to email the powers-that-be at MotorsTV to see if they fancied airing our virtual races alongside the high-profile real-life events the channel covers, such as the World Endurance Championship, United Sportscar Championship, European Formula 3, and so on.

RlyR on Motors TV

To my complete and utter surprise and bewilderment, they said yes, and between March and May our latest series -the V8 Australicars – took to the screens of anyone in the UK with Freeview (so, everyone!) and many millions of cable subscribers throughout Europe. An amazing achievement for a small, self-taught team working their evenings and weekends. The feedback and support we’ve had from friends, families and our new fans has been overwhelmingly positive, and the entire project is an impressive string to add to our bows. All we have to do now is better ourselves for a second season!

The season is over and all the races have been broadcast. If you missed them, they’re all available to watch in their entirety on the Really Rubbish Racing YouTube channel.