A little blast from the past here. Late April 1998, a school friend of mine and his family invited me along with them to the second round of the 1998 British Touring Car Championship. This was my first experience of in-the-flesh live motor racing action. Of course being Britain and being April, that flesh was well covered with woolies and waterproofs because it was peeing down with rain. But that never stopped the British Touring Car Championship (unless they’re at Croft).

I’d heard that there would be an autograph session during an open pitlane walkabout, so the week before I bought myself a notepad full of plain paper. Trouble was, it was too plain, so 13 year old me did what he did best and filled it with drawings of cars, with grid hatchings as the ‘dotted lines’on which the drivers would sign. Using Codemasters’ ToCA 2 Touring Cars PlayStation game for reference (hence why the Silverstone International circuit layout is incorrect… they got it wrong in the game), I drew each of 8 manufacturer-backed cars with the aid of a template (I wanted them all perfect), and coloured in the bright liveries with my awesome set of WH Smith pencils.

I only got half the drivers autographs that day, but the ones who saw my book were suitable impressed.