I’m Alex, a 30 year old creative artworker and graphic designer based in north Hertfordshire, England. I possess a real passion for motorsport and spend as much time as possible creating visual content based around it, from race car liveries to event posters, infographics to concepts. My other interests include video games, as well as cartography and astronomy and technology.

Since obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Game Design from Teesside University, I’ve gained over 7 years worth of industry experience in a number of disciplines, from creating real-time 3D flight simulator content for Aerospace, to a whole host of advertising material for a global electrical connector firm, including web site design, catalogue layouts and content for both print and online distribution, mailshot graphics and advertisements for a host of publications. I have a keen eye for visual design and the theories behind it, the use of colour, space and proportion, and I’m a good listener, talker, and work very well as part of a team.

More recently I’ve joined the team at WTF1, writing about motor racing related video games, and produced maps and infographics for Electric Autosport.

Outside of education and industry, I run an online racing club, organising seasons and races, produce branding and posters, and even create full-length videos of the races themselves.

On top of all that, I make a damn good cup of tea. Or perhaps you’d like to try some of my bacon jam? Sounds odd, I know, but it’s incredibly tasty. Lathered on toast with some melted Stilton. Lovely!

If you fancy a chat, or would like to read the above information again in a more formal manner, with the specifics of each point expanded upon, email me and I’ll chat back/send you a copy of my CV!

Thanks for reading!